Web design development: Analysis of​ the websites of Lego ​and The Knot

From the beginnings of the internet until now, the appearance of websites has changed a lot. This change reflects the evolution of web design. Aspects previously unimaginable, such as a mobile experience, are now fundamental to a website's success. In this blog post, I will discuss some important features of web design nowadays, based on... Continue Reading →

My reflection about blogging (or a love letter to the Portuguese language)

I always loved to write. When I was a kid I won awards at school for writing short stories, poems, I even got one of my stories published in a book. I did an admission exam for one of the best universities in Brazil and I got a 10 (the highest score in the Brazilian... Continue Reading →

Thinking aloud test – loud and clear

The Thinking Aloud test is considered the number 1 usability tool by Jakob Nielsen, the principal of the Nielsen Norman Group, a leading voice in the user experience field. This kind of test offers many benefits but also some disadvantages. In this post, I will discuss what it is exactly, the Pros and Cons and what... Continue Reading →

Tem Açúcar?

Today I will talk about a great Brazilian project: o "Tem Açúcar?" I've known Camila for about 10 years (I think even more, actually). Besides beautiful, I always found her very intelligent, communicative and with a contagious energy. She had the opportunity to live in countries like India, Thailand, and China to work. There she... Continue Reading →

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