Seeking for gender equality – on Google and everywhere

On March 8 is celebrated International Women's Day, and although it has existed for more than 100 years, in 2017 it reached peak search interest on Google. In the same month, the global interest in gender equality searches also reached its highest point. To celebrate the date, Google created this great video: According to... Continue Reading →


Tem Açúcar?

Today I will talk about a great Brazilian project: o "Tem Açúcar?" I've known Camila for about 10 years (I think even more, actually). Besides beautiful, I always found her very intelligent, communicative and with a contagious energy. She had the opportunity to live in countries like India, Thailand, and China to work. There she... Continue Reading →

Spreching Deutsch

There are so many cool things to experience and share here in Austria that I was wondering about what would be the topic of this second post. Then I realized that to understand any lifestyle it is necessary to understand a little bit about the language of the place. For those who don't know, in... Continue Reading →

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