About us

Susse Amora logoSusse is a Brazilianized version of the word süße, sweet in German. Amora besides being that sour delicious fruit is also the feminine of the word love in Portuguese.

Susse Amora was initially created to present what is interesting and new on the old continent. And also to investigate, discuss and show what is the collaborative economy.

But Susse Amora changed, grew, and developed. Now it has a new purpose.

Susse Amora became a platform for personal and professional growth for women. A space of female inspiration and empowerment.

If you are a woman and work with content for the web Susse Amora is for you. In the Girl Boss session, you find new monthly content on the most important news in this area.

If you are a woman and work in other areas, or don’t work, Susse Amora is also for you. In the Girl Power session, you find incredible stories of amazing women and motivational content to inspire you to do something wonderful in your life.

We want to help women reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

All this with the look of a Brazilian girl, who after living in Italy and getting to know the love of her life, packed her bags and moved to the land of Mozart and Marie Antoinette, more precisely to the hometown of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hallo Österreich!

Welcome to Susse Amora, a feminine and feminist website.


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