Reflecting on Doing a Master in Content Strategy at the Fh Joanneum


It was terrifying.
It was stressful.
It was nerve-racking.
It was difficult.
It was overwhelming.
It was emotional.
It was educational.
It was interesting.
It was freeing.
It was wonderful.
It was pleasant.
It was great.
It was enjoyable.
It was crazy.
It was long.
It was major.
It was positive.
It was powerful.
It was empowering.
It was amazing.
I’m gonna miss it. No, I won’t. Well, maybe a little. Definitely a little. I can always go to the Bar camps. I can’t wait to see the new COSies. They won’t be as cool as COS 17. Absolutely not! Yeah… I’m gonna miss it.

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