5 Tips for keeping your mental health while doing a lot at the same time

Being organized is a gift. Being good at time management, in my point of view, is a superpower. Unfortunately, I was not born with any of these gifts, but I think every person can learn both and improve throughout life. Family, home, work, studies … to be successful in all the daily tasks, maintain mental health and not forget about yourself, it is necessary to have a lot of dedication. Here are some tips to maximize your time:



1- Prioritize:

At work, it is essential to know what are your goals and to prioritize activities effectively. In order to do this, have a daily to-do list. Not just a mental, or digital one. Write on a piece of paper what tasks you need to do on that day. You will see the pleasure you have in scratching what you have already done.

2- Learn to say no

Another important thing is knowing how to say no to people. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do everything and being able to say no can be a vital tool to get your tasks done.

3- Ask for help

It is impossible to do everything alone. Both at work and at home. If you have co-workers or family members with whom you can share the tasks, share. Learn to delegate activities. See where you are best and where others are better for everyone to achieve their potential.

4- Organize distractions

I know that Instagram is great and you can get easily lost on Pinterest. That talk show interview with your favorite singer on YouTube is entertaining but try to organize your distractions. Set a time limit for social media usage and stick to it. This time you use watching these “perfect lives” on Instagram will never come back.

5- Think about yourself

Taking care of yourself is essential. To be able to offer the best for others, we need to be in peace with ourselves. Take care of your mental and physical health. Get enough sleep, practice physical activity, drink plenty of water, eat on fresh meals, wear sunscreen and moisturize your skin. Stay away from people who suck your energy. Read interesting books on inspiring people and listen to good music.

Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix is causing a global organizing effect. People are giving up everything that does not spark them joy. What if we apply this principle, not only with material goods but with day to day activities. So I will leave you with this question: What sparks you joy?

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