Seeking for gender equality – on Google and everywhere

On March 8 is celebrated International Women’s Day, and although it has existed for more than 100 years, in 2017 it reached peak search interest on Google. In the same month, the global interest in gender equality searches also reached its highest point.

To celebrate the date, Google created this great video:

According to Google, these were the top 5 questions for “gender equality” in the world over the last 5 years:

1. What is gender equality?
2. Why is gender equality important?
3. How to promote gender equality?
4. Why gender equality is important?
5. Why gender equality stalled?

The top 5 questions on women’s rights around the world in the last five years, also according to Google, were:

1. What is the women’s march in Washington?
2. What is the women’s march?
3. What did you give women?
4. When did women get the right to vote?
5 Which amendment gave women’s right to vote?

The increased interest in the topic around the globe may give marketers a new sense of urgency. It may seem risky, but some brands have found success by participating in the conversation in an authentic way. In other words, when you do it right and purpose-driven, people can feel it and pay attention.

Source: Think with Google


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