Tem Açúcar?

Today I will talk about a great Brazilian project: o “Tem Açúcar?”

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 16.06.28

I’ve known Camila for about 10 years (I think even more, actually). Besides beautiful, I always found her very intelligent, communicative and with a contagious energy. She had the opportunity to live in countries like India, Thailand, and China to work. There she could see in real life a part of the consumption and fashion that people, on the other side of the world, often prefer to ignore: slave labor, discard and enormous social inequality. When she returned to Brazil, she felt a great deal of restlessness about this topic and decided to do something about it. She studied alternative economies and graduated as a sustainability designer from Gaia Education, a UN-recommended institution.

Inspired by other websites such as Street Bank and Peerby, Camila launched in 2014 “Tem Açúcar?”, an online platform for loans between neighbors. The idea is to encourage conscious, sustainable consumption and create a sense of community and collaboration in the Brazilian neighborhoods.

First, she launched the site, then the app and now Camila and the “Tem Açúcar?” team need your help to create the 2.0 version of the app with much more features. It will be possible to share rides, find a company to exercise with, ask for help in setting up a garden, for example, or even organize a party. Everything will continue to be based on non-monetary interactions. It’s kindness per kindness.

To help click the little heart and on the Benfeitoria website contribute as much as you can. Each value has its reward, but don’t waste time: there are only 13 HOURS left for the end of the match funding campaign and a little over a thousand Reais for them to reach their goal! Let’s encourage startups and young female Brazilian talents!

To meet Camila and learn more about her initiative, click on the smile 🙂 and watch the video!


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